/susˈpiː.ri.um/, [s̠ʊs̠ˈpiːriʊ̃ˑ]
01.  a deep breath; 02. a gasp, a pant;  03. a sigh

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Suspirium is a shared practice and performance space where artists, makers, designers and organizers gather.  Community driven and next level DIY, the space is available for artistic collaborations, rehearsals, filming, specialty courses, movie clubs, dialogues and performances.  

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AUGUST 22  /8:00 PM 

BAD SUN RISING / an unsound.com concert // Joseph Hammer // Nephila // Ga -Ga-Ga (Japan) // Toru Izumida (Japan) // Sho Tokura (Japan) 

AUGUST 24 / 8:00 PM 

Nikki Ochoa // MA HARMS // Jacob Wolff // Biiirth

AUGUST 25 / 8:00 PM

VAAAL & Noah Lifschey present THE AUDITORY LABORATORY / Jesse Clayton // VAAAL // Noah Lifschey // Nic Danielson

AUGUST 26/ 8:00 PM

Suspirium presents TEN-HEADED SKELETON’s Onslaught of the Dead (epidose 1 of 6)  //  Ten-Headed Skeleton // Breakdancing Ronsald Reagan // Death Envy //  Insufficient Despair

AUGUST 27/ 8:00 PM

Special Collections // Boring Apocalypse // Invisible Dog // Scalpy + Meanstreetz


AUGUST 28  / 8:00 PM

NON-STANDARD: Free Jazz Jam Night Vol. 7

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Suspirium showcases art-forward, dynamic performances that are experimental, confrontational, thought-provoking, informative, hilarious, or just plain strange. Music, dance, AV, fine art, and performance art have all graced (and sometimes soiled) our stage.

While many of our events are home-baked, we are always on the lookout for curators and promoters who share our vision. If you have an act or event you think would be a good fit for us, let us know!

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If you are photographer, videographer, or independent filmmaker, Suspirium offers 3000 square feet of raw space in which to bring your vision to life. We offer hourly, all-day, and week-long bookings.

Suspirum.Space CA Summer 2023
90026 Los Angeles
CA 90026 Los Angeles
 Summer 2023